Look Around You


Over the last two years Brenda has released several singles
which have now completed her album. Enjoy.


“Made of Stars” the album that marked the introduction of ‘Brenda Veila’ on a global scale. It’s an invitation to get to know an amazing young talent.

Brenda was born in Moscow before moving to Cyprus to embark on a defining chapter in her music career. At the age of 13, Brenda started collaborating with producer Chris Cara at the renowned Soundscape Studios in Cyprus, where all her material was recorded & produced. Brenda’s songs are positive & infectious, exactly what anyone would hope for from a 16-year-old. Brenda released a series of singles and music videos to promote her album which reached huge audiences around the world.

Since the release of ‘Made Of Stars’, she has received extensive airplay on hundreds of radio stations all over the world such as KMIX Radio Los Angeles, WNYR Radio New York, JXFM Radio Tokyo, WMBR Radio Brazil, WZHT Hit XR Canada, Arc Radio Network Barcelona etc. Exceptionally popular, are her singles ‘Move On’, ‘Forever Young’, ‘Made Of Stars’, and ‘Trouble’ which are on heavy rotation to this day. Not only has she received a huge wave of airplay, but Brenda has also won several awards for ‘Song of The Month’ from the prestigious Akademia awards in Los Angeles. Since then, Brenda has also been nominated as ‘Artist Of The Year’ both in 2018 and 2019 which is quite an accomplishment at only 16 years old!

Despite Brenda’s strong passion for music, her passion for education never fades. Brenda previously attended the reputable Brillantmont boarding school in Switzerland for 2 years and she is fluent in English, Russian and French. She is currently studying at a top college in London and even though Brenda’s music is of the Pop genre, she still takes the Trinity Guildhall classical music exams in piano and is about to complete her Grade 8 Trinity Guildhall Pop/Rock Vocal exam.

Brenda loves travelling and sharing selfies with her fans who she has built such a strong connection with. With over 25,000 followers on Facebook, Brenda’s fans eagerly await her next posts and she does not disappoint. She is friendly & ambitious and loves to share pieces of her life with her loyal followers on a daily basis. There is no doubt that Brenda will continue to shine with her strong work ethic and talent.